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How To Lose Weight For Wrestling plus topics on Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs combined with Weight Loss Before After Photos

Are you looking for the best diet plan for weight loss? Take just 90 seconds out of your day to read this article and learn about the best diet plan to lose stubborn pounds and burn off stubborn fat.

Loosing weight does not get any easier than this. Are you tired of all the weight loss options that just don’t work?

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Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast. However patience and perseverance are qualities that many find difficult to maintain when it comes to restricting food. A slower weight loss is healthier and more likely to have long-term success but there are occasions when a quick loss of a few pounds is needed. Maybe a high-school reunion is on the horizon or swimsuit season has arrived too soon. Perhaps you just want to jump-start a long-term weight loss program. These are all valid reasons to embark upon a reduction plan aimed at shedding pounds quickly. To help you get started this article presents six things you can do to lose weight fast.

Here’s some of the best tips for weight loss you can find out there. Although they seem very simple they work!

Making wise choices can promote healthy weight loss after birth. Just because you burn up 500 calories a day by breastfeeding doesn’t give you license to eat high-sugar high-fat foods like cookies and potato chips. You need the most nutrition you can get for the least number of calories taken in.

The changing trend is setting new standards in the weight loss programs and exercise routines as they are not mostly recommended. There are cases which reported loss of life and other health resources due to excessive exercise and strenuous workouts.

Basically we gain fat tissue because we eat too much because we do not do anything for a long period of time and because our metabolism isn’t as fast as it used to be. So what to do in order to prevent fat tissue gaining and maybe lose some fat as well?

Weight loss is the process of getting rid of excess weight. It can be achieved by a customized weight loss plan or by using a reliable a effective weight loss pills. Today�s world is a world of aggressive marketing and a customer has a mind-boggling range of products and services to choose from. Companies are making huge profits by selling weight loss products and exercise machines. These products are usually very expensive. Weight loss products are available through shops and health care clinics. They are a cheaper and effective alternative that many people are inclined to try out in an attempt to shed weight.

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If you have lived the majority of your life overweight, you\’ve most likely tried countless weight loss programs, weight loss diets and a healthy dose of drugs and pills to boot. Anyone who has gone through these experiences know that the ultimate “diet killer” is your own lack of self-control and focus.

When it comes to weight loss you may secretly be your own worst enemy. Before we get started on that, let\’s look at the fact that accomplishing any goal, large or small, requires a mind that is clearly focused on the desired end.

What does that mean? It means turning self-talk into a positive advantage and using your rational mind to help fuel and motivate your efforts. After all, the choice is yours: let your mind sabotage your efforts or let it help inspire better eating habits and encourage healthy weight-loss outcomes.

If you\’ve tried losing weight or a weight loss program before, and have found it to be an uphill battle in which you lose a few pounds only to gain back several more, then it\’s time to break the psychological cycle that may be holding you back from your goal.


In a world where thin is in, it\’s not unusual for people who are overweight to carry the burden of lower self-esteem. Add to that the social stigma or prejudice that overweight individuals encounter and a psychological cycle for weight gain can be set in motion or unhealthy eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia) can develop. People, overweight as well as thin, often eat in response to stress, depression, loneliness and anxiety. This stress-induced or emotional eating can lead to weight gain which in turn leads to lower self-esteem, depression, and anxiety which leads to more stress-based eating and additional weight gain. It\’s easy to see how one can become trapped in a dangerous downward spiral and vicious cycle.

Compounding the problem is the fact that individuals who are overweight have less energy, and therefore find it harder to be active, so the risk of gaining weight again increases. A cycle of inactivity and further weight gain can develop: the less active person gains weight and so becomes less active, thereby gaining more weight and so on. Also, life stresses, which are normally alleviated through exercise, start building up which triggers more stress-based eating.

Individuals who try to lose weight and fail may feel depressed, frustrated and even guilty or ashamed and may rely on comfort foods as a way to feel better. The same is true of those who succeed in losing weight, only to gain it back. Anxiety, depression and guilt can produce a feeling of hopelessness that hinders efforts to lose weight.

This is why getting on the right weight loss program is CRUCIAL for successful weight loss. Whether it\’s a weight loss diet that you\’ve imposed on yourself or a program designed for your body, follow the next seven steps to break the psychological cycle of weight loss.


1. Stop Diet Deprivation. Diets and weight loss programs that put severe restrictions on what you can eat oftentimes arouse binge eating. While you may hold out for a while, one day you\’ll decide depriving yourself is not worth it, or you can\’t take it anymore, and you dig into the refrigerator, freezer or snack cabinet with a vengeance. Allow yourself small indulgences that are satisfying and will help you avoid harmful binging.

2. Plan Ahead. What if you should slip? The best way to avoid slipping is through pre-planning. So, if you\’re off to a backyard barbeque or family gathering decide ahead of time what your plan is. Eat something healthy and filling before you go out and then allow yourself a few special treats at the party, but exercise portion control. If you know that Aunt Mary is making your favorite dessert, plan on having a small slice and savor it. Managing your weight and enjoying life should go hand in hand.

3. Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals. To avoid the frustration of failing, don\’t overstress yourself with unrealistic weight loss goals. You gained weight slowly over time and it will take some time to gradually lose that weight. Slow, but sure is the best approach.

4. Choose Healthy Outlets for Emotions. Instead of opening the refrigerator when you\’re upset, how about phoning a friend, or take a walk. Discover something that makes you feel calmer or happier – something other than food or alcohol. Do yoga, dance around your living room, meditate or go out bowling with a friend.

5. Stop Harboring Hurts. Work through issues that are upsetting you. Talk to a therapist or even a friend. Don\’t let hurts, even old wounds or patterns that reach back into your childhood, affect you and your relationship with food.

6. Remember Why You\’re Dieting. It helps to stop and remember why you\’re dieting in the first place. Is it to have more energy, look and feel better, alleviate health problems or increase your self esteem? Keeping the goal in mind is critical to your weight loss success.

7. Use Your Mind to Break the Cycle. The fact is you can do it. It\’s all in your mind – the power to lose the weight rests with you. Believe you can succeed and you will succeed. If you want to put an end to the psychological cycle of weight gain, start by turning all of your negative self talk into positive affirmations. That\’s the best way to break the cycle.

Instead of saying: “Look at that fat belly. It just won\’t go away.” Think positive: “Yes, my belly is fat now, but it won\’t always be. I plan to be fit, not fat. I\’m heading to the gym after work today.”

Keep your goal in mind at all times. Write down your positive affirmations and put up visual reminders of what you want to attain – that dress you want to buy, that seaside resort you\’re longing to visit this year, or even a picture the happy person you want to be again. It\’s all within reach if you set your mind to it, keep active, exercise, and prepare healthy menus that you enjoy.

Use these seven steps to create a mental turnaround and break through the psychological barriers that are holding you back. If you do, you\’ll have the power to achieve permanent weight loss – something that will truly change your future and your life.

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In the previous “Transforming the Subconscious Mind” article, we started to look at how “visualization” and an assertive program of affirmations read daily can be a very powerful tool to overcome mental patterns that lead to binging and compulsive overeating.

Each moment that you procrastinate or allow apathy and hopelessness to keep you from taking action, then that is another moment that you are delaying the amazing benefits that fasting and cleansing can provide. So don’t get discouraged. Put to practice what is discussed here. Believe me, it all comes full circle as part of a very powerful and life-changing puzzle.

Having said that, let us know talk about making positive and assertive changes in the way we view and related to food and eating. Do not minimize the importance of what we are talking about here. It took me years of misery, obesity and toxicity (and skepticism) to adopt these principles. Today, having seen the drastic changes they have produced, I wish I would have been receptive much, much sooner!

Many persons we talk to lose huge amounts of weight through juice and water fasting, yet end up gaining it all back because they have not addressed the “psychological” aspect of fitness, weight loss and health. That is why, after so much trial and failure, I have concluded that changing my “thinking” is by far one of the most important elements to successful and permanent weight loss.

Why? Because a person can complete a long juice or water fast and lose dramatic amounts of weight. But if there has not been “an internal change in the way he or she thinks and behaves,” then guess what will happen? Yep, that is right; sooner or later the “comfort eating” and binging will resurface and, more than likely, lead the person back to the dark spiral of overeating and obesity.

So, once you have started daily affirmations via flashcards with target statements as described in the previous article, you are now ready to unleash another powerful weapon to transform your subconscious mind – and that is “recording the affirmations in your own voice and listening to them as often as you possibly can.”

This may sound corny and silly, but I will tell you again that it is neither! This method is a huge bomb that gives your mind clear-cut directives that will force it to re-program itself and begin to support the changes you want to make in your life.

If you have a cassette recorder, purchase new batteries and buy a pack of 90-minute cassettes. You can buy them cheap at any pharmacy. Or, if you have the hardware on your computer to record audio and own a CD player, then purchase some blank rewritable CD’s with at least 700 megabytes of storage space. These, too, can be purchased at any pharmacy for about .

Select a time in which you can be on your own and not be disturbed. Turn off your cell phone and television. If you do not live alone, let others know that you do not wish to be interrupted for at least one hour.

By the way, you DO NOT have to explain in detail to anybody what you are doing. In fact, I would recommend that, apart from a very select few, you do not trumpet to everyone what you intend to do.

Many persons simply will not understand and are likely to criticize or even ridicule your efforts. This can even happen with members of your own family. So be careful. You do not need any more negativity. Lord knows, we sure have enough in our own minds, right?

Now, find some type of soothing music that you can play in the background. I would recommend instrumental music. You don’t want your mind distracted by lyrics of any type. Mellow, mediation music is best, but use any type of music that inspires you. Inspirational music can open your subconscious mind to receive the message, and also produce positive emotional reactions that can be associated with the new messages you are giving your mind. Sit down and get ready to start recording. Make sure you find a comfortable chair.

You are now ready to start recording. If you are using a cassette player, do some test recordings to see which distance from the microphone produces the best sound. Do the same if you are recording on the computer. Make sure there is no echo or static that affects the clarity of the recording. You want each command to be heard clearly and up front. The music should be in the background, also. When all looks good and you are ready, press record and begin.

Each affirmation you use will be recorded in both the “I” and “You” tenses. I’ll explain why in a minute. To make it easier for you, below is the list of affirmations that I recorded for myself.

1- It is now easy for ME to control MY appetite at all times. (Say your first name) It is now easy for YOU to control YOUR appetite at all times. 2- It is now always easy for ME to say no to _____. (fill it in with your specific trigger foods). (Say your first name)It is now easy for YOU to say no to ______.

3- I now lose weight easily and effortlessly at all times. (Say your first name)YOU now lose weight easily and effortlessly at all times. 4- I now always have supernatural will power to achieve all of MY goals at all times. (Say your first name)YOU now always have supernatural will power to achieve all of YOUR goals at all times.

Evaluate the different areas of your life that you wish to change, and record affirmations directly related to them. These can include self-esteem, spirituality, lifestyle … etc. For example:

5- I now and always feel great about who I am and am constantly filled with intoxicating passion for life at all times. (Say your first name) YOU now and always feel great about who YOU are and are constantly filled with intoxicating passion for life at all times (Self-Esteem). 6- I always receive powerful spiritual guidance and discernment to overcome all problems at all times. (Say your first name) You always receive powerful spiritual guidance and discernment to overcome all problems at all times(Spiritual).

7-I always am filled with energy and motivation to live and love to be outdoors and active at all times. (Say your first name) YOU always are filled with energy and motivation to live and YOU love to be outdoors and active at all times. 8- It is now easy for ME to talk to others and I always feel great about MYSELF in every situation. (Say your first name) It is now easy for YOU to talk to others and YOU always feel great about YOURSELF in every situation.

I strongly recommend you take your time and draft your own. Believe me, the more you do it, the more affirmations you will suddenly come up with to address other thinking patterns you will want to change. Once you have finished recording, stop and review what you have done. But there is more.

The Power of Your Own Voice

Now, why all this about I and then YOU? Well, when we talk to ourselves most of us use both of these tenses, so doing affirmations in both I and You hit both sides of the equation and maximize the impact of these powerful statements. When you first start to hear your own voice on the recording talking to yourself, you may feel silly, stupid or even spooked. All of this is perfectly normal.

You may even get angry and feel that you are wasting your time. It is very possible that your mind may present manifold arguments as to why you should not do this, and why all of this “affirmation” stuff is garbage and useless. I went through a heck of a mental battle when I first began.

But, little by little, you will become more and more receptive to the messages and start to welcome them. New visions of yourself will start to open up and, over a period of weeks, you will notice subtle changes in your mood and attitude. Specifically as it relates to binging and overeating, the biggest impact comes when the “voracity” to eat the wrong type of foods starts to diminish.

The bottom line is this: your mind knows who you are. It recognizes your own voice and sees it as the ultimate authority. Sort of like the child who immediately reacts when he or she hears the voice of a parent.

So, begin to parent your own mind. Give it the specific directions of what you want it to do and how you want it to function. The mind can be like a wild horse that, if left unchecked, will buck violently and throw you to the ground. But, once you assume the authority that is rightfully yours, you will notice that it will obey and actually be glad that some “adult” with sense has finally shown up!

One more thing: When you record, use an assertive, forceful voice. Not violent, but rather firm and to-the-point. This is no time to whisper or speak meekly. Let your mind know that you mean business, and do not be afraid to use strong voice tones. Put all of your passion and emotion into each statement.

I got into it so passionately that, when I finished, I was drenched in sweat and actually felt a little hoarse. When you are finished, you should have a minimum of 30 minutes worth of I and You statements directly linked to the changes you wish to make in your life.

My suggestion is that, if possible, you take the CD or Cassette with you and listen to it while you are driving. When you have a break – like when having lunch, for example – put on some headphones and listen to the recording. Observe your reactions and journal them. What answer does the mind give you?

In my case, the angry reaction was usually: “Baloney!” Also, gauge your emotions. How do you feel? Even better yet, if you are able to, put on the recording when you go to sleep and let it loop over an over all night long.

Make a commitment with yourself to both read the flashcards we talked about on the previous “Transforming the Subconscious Mind” article, AND listen to the audio recording. Make it a priority to assault your mind with these statements for a full year and do not let anything or anyone detour you from this path.To be sure, you will be in for some very profound changes in your outlook and behavior.

Everything we have been discussing in these articles comes down to one thing: Personal Responsibility. Life waits for nobody, and time continues to pass for us all. You can either let your mind and circumstances victimize you and lead you further and further away from your dreams and goals, or you can take action and do whatever is at your disposal to improve the quality of your life.

Indeed, it is never easy to get started.

Especially when one is obese and has been so for a long period of time. So, while at first it may seem like an uphill battle, I tell you that you are worth it and that eventually it will become easier. Considering the option of doing nothing and getting worse, whatever price of discomfort and frustration you pay now is little in comparison.

So, as I always like to say: Easy Does it – But Do It! Seize the challenge, walk through it, and allow it to transform you into a stronger and healthier person. You can do it!

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Many persons kick off a diet or fasting program with huge motivation and determination and, indeed, lose large amounts of weight. But, unfortunately, many end up gaining it all back because they have not addressed the psychological aspect of fitness, weight loss and health.

In this article, we will discuss “How Our Brains Work,” specifically as it relates to keeping the weight off for good through re-programming subconscious belief systems. This way the mind supports begins to support your progress rather than sabotage it.

As I have said in other articles, most diets do not produce long-lasting results because they are often seen as temporary rather than permanent changes in lifestyle and eating habits. The key phrase here is “permanent change.” That is what this article aims to help you accomplish.

I spent years in that see-saw of losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining it back; ad infinitum. Let me tell you, being trapped in this type of vicious cycle – as the years go by and by and by – is extremely crushing and disheartening. It affects the individual physically, mentally and emotionally to the point of hopelessness and total despair.

That is why, after so much trial and failure, I have concluded that my thinking is by far one of the most important elements to successful weight loss. All the fasting in the world will not produce enduring results if my thinking and self-image remain based on negativity and defeatist belief systems.

Positive thought is far from being a new concept. Nor is imagining or visualization. A movie came out recently called The Secret which talked in-depth about this process. It is very interesting and offers good information and motivation.

In short, the premise is that keeping a sharp mental image of what you wish to accomplish can in fact attract the desired result into your life. Now believe me, I am not one to simply bring up a nice little tool I learned and offer it as a frothy solution or panacea.

What we will be looking at here is a combination of techniques that saved me from 15 years of obesity, suicidal behavior, self-loathing and total hopelessness and isolation. So we will dabble into a variety of topics and issues so that, you too, can effect powerful changes in your life as they relate to food, eating, as well as physical and emotional health!

Visualization is one of those tools that, through consistent and stubborn practice, have helped me to break very destructive thinking patterns. For example, take some time and visualize yourself in that particular dress or pant size you want to get into.

Spend some time daily perfecting this mental image – preferably at night before going to bed. One technique that worked very nicely was to put-up pictures around the house of myself when I was younger and thinner.

Other times I would browse through magazines and cut out pictures of sleek and fit male bodies. I then cut out my head from some other picture in my family album and paste it to the fit body image from the magazine. He, He. This actually is very powerful.

I was a chronic food relapser, and just looking at my face in the thin body from the magazine kept me from binging on many occasions. Try it! Paste the pictures in locations such as, the bathroom mirror, the nightstand or desk right next to your bed ( so it is the last thing you see at night and the first image you intake upon awakening), and – of course, the refrigerator door.

Every morning when you get up look at the photos and tell yourself: “This is me. This is how I want to look physically. I can do this.” Build a collage of fit persons taking part in a variety of athletic and recreational activities. Then stick your head into the bodies!

One book that made a huge impact on my life was Shad Helmstetter’s “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.”

It taught me that I actually have the ability to re-program my subconscious mind and give it direct and to-the-point instructions to support the changes I want to make in my life. I must admit that at first I thought this to be very silly. I am a born skeptic. But pain eventually made me humble and I became willing to try it with an open mind. The results were life-changing.

This is what you can do: *Go to the pharmacy and purchase a package of flashcards. *Fill at least 20 of them with positive affirmations about your weight, health and image. *Write in the present tense so that your mind absorbs the statement as a done deal and not a pie-in-the-sky wish distant in the future.

*It is now always easy for me to control my appetite at all times. *It is now always easy for me to say no to _____. (fill it in with your specific trigger foods). Mine was pizza and donuts. Oh, gosh! He-He. *I now lose weight easily and effortlessly at all times. *I now always have supernatural will power to achieve all of my goals at all times. *It is now always easy for me to keep the weight off and I always and easily resist all temptation.

Evaluate the different areas of your life that you wish to change, and form statements directly related to them. These can include self-esteem, spirituality, lifestyle etc… for example:

*I now and always feel great about who I am and am constantly filled with intoxicating passion for life at all times. (Self-Esteem) *I always receive powerful spiritual guidance and discernment to overcome all problems at all times. (Spiritual) *I always am filled with energy and motivation to live and love to be outdoors and active at all times. *It is now easy for me to talk to others and I always feel great about myself in every situation.

You can, of course, add your own. . Once you have them ready, pull them out in the morning in a quiet place and read them to yourself out loud. Allow each word to enter into your mind and imagine the message penetrating into the center of your soul. If you receive negative feedback like: “Yeah, right! Poppycock!” just let the thought pass and continue.

The mind must eventually adhere to the directions you give it! If you practice a specific religion, end the session with the prayer of your choice and whatever other inspirational reading you are accustomed to reading. Repeat the process during the day when the mind starts to fill you with opposing thoughts. Culminate the day by doing a final reading immediately before going to bed. Make sure that the very last message your brain receives is a positive one.

The point I am trying to make in this article is: Do not start fasting or dieting and go through all of the detox and hunger pains, yet allowing the mind to just sit idly. In other words, dieting and/or fasting while continuing to feed your mind with negativity will lead you back to where you started which is: weight gain.

Make sure that, while fasting and/or dieting, you also are fasting from negativity and giving your mind a constant feeding of powerful thoughts that go against whatever mental blockages you find have always led you to gain all the weight back.

In psychology, the “Bombshell Theory” says that If nothing changes, nothing changes. So the message I want to drive to you with all the force I can muster is that: You can fast for 100 days and emerge clean, thin and feeling great.

But if there are no inner changes in the way you think and believe, then it is very likely that the mind will sabotage your progress and take you back to where you started, or worse. Please, dear reader, do not take this message lightly. If you were anything like me, then you are reading this article because you have health and fitness goals that are important to you.

I learned many years ago that “Freedom Carries Sacrifice.” Fasting and a proper diet are huge parts of the process. But to maintain the freedom gained through these positive changes, it is imperative to directly and forcefully address those internal voices that attempt to destroy your dreams.

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