What Men Should Know about Exercise

What Men Should Know about Exercise

It has been reported that nearly 25 per cent of all Americans get very little or no exercise. This alone can lead to the occurrence of serious health issues including increasing the risk for heart attack, diabetes and cancer just to name a few. Some key factors that are thought to play a key role in whether a person exercises or not include education, income levels and marital status. It has been reported that one fourth of all adults who possess a college degree participate in high levels of exercise whereas only one seventh of individuals with low levels of education exercise regularly. Lack of exercise leads to many serious issues one of which being the issue of obesity. Obesity in itself in turn leads to many other complications. One primary complication that often arises as a result of [...]

Trans Fat and Heart Disease

Trans fat is nothing more than vegetable oil combined with hydrogen but it is considered to be the most dangerous fat of them all including saturated or animal fat. This is because trans fat is thought to drastically increase the risk of heart attack and heart disease as well as raise cholesterol levels significantly. The problem with this trans fat is that many times you don’t even know it is there because until recently it was not required to include this information on food labels. In addition to increasing the risk of heart disease and raising cholesterol levels trans fat is also known to lower the abilities of the immune system as well as be a cause of diabetes in some people. The bad thing about trans fat is that it is in a large variety of packaged or processed foods from frozen waffles [...]

Posted in Health May 11, 2010

Protecting the Heart Health of Men

Every year hundreds of men die from heart attack or some other form of heart disease, some of which are sudden and unexpected. The sadness of this fact is that many of these deaths could most likely have been prevented or at the very least prolonged for a few more months or maybe even years. Over the years there have been large amounts of research conducted on heart disease and its causes as well as what things work to prevent or prolong the condition from occurring in the first place. Exercise and good nutrition have always been high on that list including a few other things. In this article we will discuss some of the things that research has shown to have a positive effect on heart health. Following these guidelines will help to keep your heart healthy and increase your chances of living [...]

Posted in Health May 10, 2010

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