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healthy foreverOn Mesothelioma2009-09-09T09:00:58ZWordPress Hawkes Acai berry has recently taken the health world by storm. This small, rotund black-purple drupe, found in the remotest regions of the Amazon rain forest, is the cornerstone of the Acai berry diet, a dietary plan that yields phenomenal results. The Caboclo population in Brazil swear by it; the little Acai berry constitutes 42% of their diet, making it their most important plant species.

The Acai berry weight loss regime can do more than help you lose a few pounds; research shows that the Acai berry increases the body’s energy levels and can relieve joint and muscle pain. Regular consumption of the Acai berry can also improve the appearance of your skin and aid digestion.

The Acai berry diet is packed full of antioxidants, in-fact it contains more antioxidants than cranberries, oranges or apples. Antioxidants combat harmful free radicals in your body while concurrently lowering your cholesterol which means that if you regularly eat Acai berries you can expect to live a longer, disease-free life.

Don’t take my word for it, esteemed physician Dr Alexander Schauss who is the Senior Director of Natural and Medical products research at AIBMN life sciences states that the Acai berry “has every single necessary nutrient needed for humans” if you wish to know more about the Acai berry’s capabilities or any other Acai berry information then subscribe to the highly respected Acai berry blog.

These are just some of the uses of following the Acai berry diet, to found out more subscribe to the Acai berry blog. You’ll see that the Acai berry has something to offer everyone; from weight watchers to top athletes. So what are you waiting for? Visit any acai related website now and try what world renowned Dermatologist Dr Phillip Perricone believes to be the “number one super fruit” in the world today.

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]]>0Amy Nutt of home insurance policies available so it is imperative to understand each type so you can make an informed decision.]]>Purchasing home insurance is just as important as the purchase of the home. Because buying a home is such a major financial investment, it is essential to make sure that your home, property, and contents are protected. There are various types of home insurance policies available so it is imperative to understand each type so you can make an informed decision.

The following outlines the main types of home insurance policies:

HO-1: This type of policy is considered a basic for of protection. It insures against fire and lightening damage. A homeowner may purchase this policy for a particularly valuable item such as expensive jewelry.

HO-2: This type of policy is referred to as ‘broad coverage.’ Coverage includes damage from such events as smoke, wind, rain, hail, vandalism, theft, an explosion, removal of items that are threatened by fire damage, glass breakage, and damage cause by falling objects. As well, it also covers snow causing a roof collapse, ice damage, burst pipes, water damage from broken pipes, and damage from a riot.

HO-3: Referred to as a ’special’ form, or sometimes called ‘all risk’ or ‘open peril’ insurance, this policy insures your home against damage or loss. There are exclusions that will be listed in the policy so you should read what items are excluded. This is the most commonly purchased home insurance policy.

HO-4: This is a tenants insurance policy. It insures the contents and personal items against the same situations as the HO-2 policy. It also covers supplementary living expenses if required such as medical payments. It also provides liability protection. The policy cannot be extended to cover items owned by the renter. It is mainly for protecting the owner of the property.

HO-6: This type of policy provides coverage for a condominium owner who wants to insure items that are not insured by the condominium association policy. They may also want to add personal liability protection.

HO-8: This policy is referred to as the ‘older home’ policy. If you have an older home, some policies may not provide replacement coverage. You may have to purchase a modified replacement policy where the policy will reimburse you for standard building materials.

Some states will categorize these policies under different titles, but they contain the same information. It is important to be aware that are living in a high risk area such as hurricane or flooding area, you will have to pay for extra protection. Some people combine a couple of policies to get complete coverage. Most companies now offer online quotes, so you can easy way to make your selection. Because prices and features can vary among insurance companies, it is essential that you comparison shop so that you are getting the best coverage at the best price.

Because there are a number of insurance policy options available, it is important that you understand each so that you can acquire the right policy that meets all of your needs.

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]]>0Ricardo d Argence the gym a couple of times every week, and watching your muscles grow is not hard. Physical exercise and targeted muscle weight training are only two of the factors involved and there are several more factors.

Don’t underestimate the effect that sleep has on your workout. You need to rest properly, and that’s not just between workouts. Altering your sleep schedule to ensure getting a steady and sound night’s sleep each night can produce drastic transformations in the outcomes you observe with bodybuilding.

There are actually several reasons why sleep is so important to be successful at bodybuilding. For starters, your body recovers and rebuilds muscle while you are asleep. This is the crucial time when other parts of your body are shut down and not consuming energy or internal resources that your body uses to repair damages from bodybuilding.

If you don’t give it time, your body will not be able to heal muscles and build new muscle. Your progress will be greatly impeded if you do not let your muscles properly heal, mend, and grow.

Sleep is critical for body builders because without it you may have difficulty focusing and become lethargic. A lack of mental focus can destroy your results while you’re in the gym. It doesn’t matter how motivated you are, if you can’t focus in what you have to do, you will not get the results you want.

Consequently you may feel neither energized or motivated when it’s time for your weightlifting session. There’s only so much your body can handle over the course of a day with a tiny amount of sleep. Due to many other commitments like work, school, and family, working out is usually last on the list and often missed.

Sleep is critical because it allows your body to recover and control the rhythm of your body’s hormones. Hormones, that are essential for proper metabolism and muscle gain, are released during sleep. Hormones, released during sleep, are essential for proper metabolism and muscle gain. At the same time, sleep also inhibits other hormones that can lead to fat gain and other unseemly consequences.

That means that sleeping for 2 hours on friday night and then sleeping for 12 hours on saturday night doesn’t amount to the same benefits as sleeping 7 hours both nights in a row of no matter what you want to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. And that’s what you should shoot for, at least 7 hours a night. You must sleep if you want to succeed at bodybuilding under any circumstance.

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]]>0Sarina Kasson a hard day, everyone needs to de-stress. Meditation can be a great way to dump stress from the day, help to bring you into a more positive mood, and moreover, help you to feel more at peace and relaxed. Meditation takes time and practice to polish, but once mastered, could be a great tool to assist in alleviating your intelligence of pressures and let you are feeling at peace.

The first step to proper meditation is an upright posture. Sitting cross legged with your back straight but not tensed is the proper way to sit. Then place your right hand in your left 4 finger widths below the navel, thumbs a touch raised. The thumbs are to touch. The tongue should be touching the roof of the mouth to prevent dryness. Your head should be looking downward and eyes should be a touch open. Finally, your shoulders should be level with your elbows. This is the proper position to sit in when you meditate. Getting it right will help you to concentrate, though it could take some time to get used to.

After learning your correct meditation posture, simple meditation may start. When first beginning to meditate, focus on your breathing. Keep your breaths steady as you breathe and exhale. For stress relief, each time a breath is drawn outward image all the negativity and negative feelings you have are being drawn out of you. When a breath comes in, imagine all the positive things and blessings coming to you. Focusing on breathing out the bad and in the good will help you to start feeling calm and your consciousness will grow quiet.

When the art of breathing, concentration, and posture have been mastered, adding some meditation music could be a great way to help to keep your bad thought at bay, relaxing you, and helping you to hook up with positive thoughts that will help you to find inner peace and to educate yourself the way to be positive through any situation. Meditation and the power of thoughts will help you to make your life a more positive environment which will make you more in a position to see what you have, set goals, and be thankful.

Meditation is a great thing. It can be relaxing, insightful, and help us to think positive thoughts that will bring inner peace and happiness. By practicing proper posture, learning how to breathe, and finding the right music, then learning to channel negative thoughts away, positive meditation can being and you’ll find just how smashing meditation can be.

Learning meditation can be a lot of fun. It’s a skill that, once mastered, you can use any where (at home, at work, on the bus, etc.) to help you relax, de-stress, and replenish your creativity and energy levels. Find out how you can achieve maximum relaxation in your meditation practice.

]]>0Jason Myers is a actuality that men too can get yeast infection, both oral and penile yeast infection. One of the key donors to yeast infection in men is unprotected sex with women who have the infection. Yeast infection in male is easily noticeable instantly after a sexual intercourse with an affected companion. Although male yeast infection indications tend to resemble symptoms of other male associated contagions, you will begin considering you have a yeast infection as soon as you see the following symptoms.

Acute pain and burning, jock itch, a burning feeling while urinating, a painful and/or throbbing sensation in the course of sexual interaction, reddening of the head of the penis, pain at the tip of the penis, blisters and red spots around the penis, and a burning feeling with intermittent momentary itch at the rim of the penis.

Other pointers of male yeast infections include constipation, very bad breath, indigestion, irregular loose feces, recurrent intestinal gas, mood swings,laziness, sexual malfunction, general tiredness and defecit of energy, genital complications, touchiness, memory loss, ballooned and athlete’s feet.

Be advised that there are some men who have male yeast infection but do not show any signs and symptoms and when the symptoms do appear at a later time, they tend to be veryscary. In addition to these symptoms, the male also tend to have a milky unpleasant pus, and when combined with the already forming eruptions make the rime of the penis extremely reddened.

Of equal importance to keep in mind, the appearance of these signs will change from one male to other. The difference will largely be reliant on the hereditary make up of persons as well as their physical condition. This is to say that a diabetic male is at a greater danger of having yeast infections than an otherwise healthy, typical male. As like any other infection, male yeast infection should be treated immediately at the onset of any of these symptoms.

Jason Myers is a professional writer and he writes as a hobby about robotic vacuum cleaners as a 21st century home improvement solution. He’s also an amateur wine enthusiast and has a website about wine aerators and other wine accessories.

]]>0Dr. Jerimiah Crossderd acai fruit berry is one of the worlds most powerfully nutritious foods. Harvested from a special palm tree in the Brazilian rain forest, this purple fruit holds the magic of the Amazon.

Acai fruit is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It was classified as the #1 super food by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist who has written several books on weight loss and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Enough antioxidant concentration to help fight premature aging and more than 10 times more than red grapes and 30 times more than red wine.

A nearly perfect vital amino acid complex combined with important trace minerals, both critical to proper muscle contraction and regeneration

The perfect blend of healthy fats, fiber for your diet, and nutrients that help lower cholesterol help promote that digestive system

Scientists have long know that antioxidants are essential for a balanced diet. These are the substances that protect the cells against the destructive effects of free radicals

Free radicals are harmful substances that the body produces when breaking down some foods. They are also created from environmental pollutants such as tobacco smoke or radiation. They can damage cells, and have been linked to cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

The antioxidants found in the acai fruit help restore health and can prevent future disease. Acai fruit is rich in vitamins A and B and has the protein content of an egg.

The only other rich content of healthy fatty acid in the acai fruit can only be found in olive oil. these acids aid in getting into the cells membrane. This is how cells remain supple. By this happening, the neurotransmitters, hormones, and receptors to function at a more efficient level.

The acai fruit berry is a powerful source of nutrients that can give your body everything it needs to function properly. Research, and you will find a variety of acai products that will meet your need.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Jerimiah Crossderd has been researching all of the wondrous benefits of the acai berry. He has a detailed acai fruit website where he explains about the best acai berry products on the market today. He also has a acai fruit website that has freeinformation on everything that is related to the acai berry

]]>0Brian Gordon eye surgery looked like the answer to eyeglasses and contact lenses. Heavily advertised in the late 90s and early 2000s, it looked like glasses and contacts were going to fall to the wayside as patient after patient signed up.

Vision is often restored to 20/20. Some patients may only be restored to 20/40. As a point of reference, in the United States you are legally allowed to drive a vehicle with 20/40 vision as it is not considered to be a significant enough vision impairment to require correction.

First, it’s beneficial to see a Lasik eye doctor. He or she can explain in detail how and why the procedure might be a good option to enhance your vision. Everyone is different. Initially, those with astigmatism were ruled out as good candidates for the surgery, but in recent years Lasik eye doctors have had great success correcting astigmatism as well as vision problems.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are caused by an anomaly in the cornea. Usually, it just means that your corneas are slightly shaped differently than those who have perfect vision. Over time, the cornea’s shape can worsen, causing slow but consistent deterioration in vision.

Cornea shape determines your ability to see well. When your vision blurs and you develop nearsighted or farsighted issues, it means that your cornea is not refracting light inside the eye effectively and glasses or contacts are required to correct the vision.

Ablatement is the technical term used to describe the removal of corneal tissue that will ultimately create better vision. In order to surgically improve your vision, the corneal tissue must be reshaped to refract light more effectively.

The good news is that you will not have to watch the procedure happening despite the fact that you are awake for it.

While it is true that there have been Lasik procedures that have not turned out well for the patient, these are generally related to the initial health of the eye before the procedure. If your eyes are healthy, the high quality lasers that have evolved through our technology have made this a much safer experience than it was initially thought to be.

Lasik eye surgery is still surgery. It is better if you can relax at home for a few days. Your vision will improve, but you will need to give it a full 7 to 10 days before doing any physical exercise or lifting heavy object. The blood vessels in the eyes need to remain as calm as possible in order for proper healing to take place.

Dry eye syndrome can increase following the procedure, so Lasik eye surgery may or may not work well for these patients. Patients that have astigmatism are now able to be effectively helped through the process.

As you develop clear vision, you will experience a whole new sense of freedom. It’s uncomfortable to sack out on the sofa and watch a movie and contacts can be a chronic irritation. The corrective procedure known as Lasik is still the answer to permanent vision correction.

Even though concentrated light is being used, there is no actually burning that is felt. Types Of Eye Surgery This means that the doctor will not be able to guarantee the eyesight you receive. If you want you can have the pictures after the doctor is finished and you have gone back for your follow up visit.

]]>0Michael Hall over 30 years, doctors have been praising the benefits of antioxidant-rich super fruits, especially grapes and blueberries because of the high levels of antioxidants found in them. Acai berries have over 30 times more antioxidants than blueberries or red grapes! One would have to conclude that acai berries are the single-most antioxidant-rich food on earth.

Acai antioxidants are the best antioxidant you can find since the acai berry is the most potently nutritious fruit on earth. In fact, acai berries are often referred to as nature’s super food because of the amazing number of nutrients and antioxidants they contain.

The acai fruit is full of beneficial nutrients, the concentration of the nutrients is more than other foods that contain these same nutrients. For example, the acai berry is loaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Of all these nutrients found in acai berries, it is the antioxidants that make them especially super claiming the title of being the number one super food in the world. Let’s take a look at the acai anti-oxidants.

Antioxidants are what our bodies need to fight free radicals. Free radicals are the reason that contributes to the growth of many cancer cells. Therefore, we are encouraged to eat as many antioxidant-rich foods as possible as antioxidants are used to help maintain our good health.

Antioxidants fight diseases they are also very good for the immune system. Acai antioxidants are known to strengthen the immune system helping you to better avoid all kinds of diseases from the basic common cold to diseases that are much more harmful.

Acai is the single-most antioxidant potent food on earth. Other antioxidant-rich foods include tomato, carrot and blueberry juices at the top of the list. Acai antioxidants are so powerful that you can increase the antioxidants in your body and at the same time, boost other areas of your health.

Buy USDA and Kosher organic acai berry juice and enjoy its benefits. With all these claims how do you know your getting the best acai berry juice available? Many brands are diluted with other juices and water as blends and mixes.

100% pure organic acai berry juice products is what you should to be looking for. There is a global shortage of this berry and and it needs to be processed at the source. You should make sure you are getting 100% pure acai berry products.

You can add acai juice to your own favorite juices and make your own mixes and blends. It blends well with yogurt, sorbets and smoothies. It makes a refreshing drink with grape, apple or blueberry juice.

The Acai berry grows on the acai palm and looks just like small purple grapes or blueberries. The local natives of Brazil and Amazon region have enjoyed and benefited from acai as part of their diet for hundreds of years.

What makes acai amazing is its properties. Acai is loaded with essential fatty acids also known as omega oils and fiber. The oils is what makes it very perishable and needs to be processed soon after harvest. The berries are processed into puree, juice or freeze dried powder.

What you want is 100% pure organic acai not something mixed with water and other fillers.

If you are not sure and it is not listed 100% pure call the company. Always check the ingredient panel to make sure how much acai is in the bottle.

100% percent pure organic acai juice products should be labeled as such. Some even will be labeled as organic. The manufacturer should have a USDA organic seal on the product.

Before you buy any super juices online, make sure you check Dr. Tim’s website on avoiding paying too much for a quality Acai Juice, and Mangosteen Juice

]]>0Dr. Lorna Mistranski protein isolate and whey protein powder concentrate is an inquiry very frequently asked. This question without a doubt is one that has crossed the minds of many aspiring weight lifters when staring at the shelves of various kinds of whey protein powder available in the health food supermarket.

Which whey protein should you be using; concentrate or isolate?

The most significant difference between the two is that Isolate powder is processed at deeper levels so that the fat and lactose are detached. This more complicated technique provides a better quality of protein. The fact is that over 90% of whey protein powder isolate is protein calculated by weight.

This is valuable as lesser levels of fat are a benefit for the regular daily diet of bodybuilders and when whey is utilized for the purpose of losing weight.

Decreased lactose levels are also a positive for individuals who are lactose intolerant and can also diminish the chance of that bloated feeling that can go along with some protein supplements. There are some side effects to using whey protein isolate nonetheless.

In view of the fact whey is high in protein ratio, isolate powder will cost you a little more. The filtering procedure isolate goes through is significantly more rigorous as it remove the components that are known as alpha lactoglobulins and lactoferrins which is important immune boosters.

Whey concentrate has lesser protein available and the protein content can range anywhere between 29% in upwards of 89% in some brands. Whey concentrate protein contains higher levels of lactose so anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance should to be very aware.

Concentrate however cost less so this can be a better alternative depending on what your budget is. Whey concentrate also is low in levels of cholesterol, which is another benefit to consider for your diet.

Overall, dietary and medical conditions call for action to be taken into consideration when choosing the kind of whey protein powder you prefer.

Isolate whey powder may have the slight edge in regards to the biological value (BV) and will make available to you with more value for your money if you are needing a higher dosage per serving of whey protein.

For the past 3 decades, Dr. Lorna Mistranski has researched extracts that offer the best results in diet pills. She has a free diet pillsinformation site that offers sound advice when looking for which diet solution is right for you. She also has an informative web sitethat looks at the best free diet pillstrials available and which ones to avoid.

]]>0Dr. Jason Fowler there be risk factors for back pain? And, if there are, what can I do to keep myself healthy and well? Your chiropractor can help answer these questions and more.

One primary risk factor relates to exercise. Everyone has heard, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. If you’re not exercising regularly, your back muscles are deconditioned and much more susceptible to injury – the strains and sprains we are accustomed to calling “back pain”.

Muscles get stronger when they are required to do work. Also exercise helps “train” the soft tissues around a joint – the ligaments and tendons – these supporting structures “learn” how to withstand mechanical stresses and loads without becoming injured. Basically, when you exercise – when you do any kind of exercise – your body gets “smarter” and you’re less likely to get those annoying back problems.1

A related risk factor is weak abdominal muscles. When you were a kid, at some point one of your gym teachers probably told you to “suck in your stomach”. Actually, it turns out that was pretty good advice. Your abdominal muscles support the muscles of your lower back. If your abdominals are weak or if you are not using them – letting them hang out and droop instead of keeping them activated – your body weight has to be held up by the muscles of your lower back. They’re not designed to do that – they’re designed to move your spine around. And eventually, these lower back muscles will give way under the excess strain. The result is a very painful lower back injury.

There are many easy-to-do exercises for your abdominal muscles. The key is to actually do them – and do them after you’re finished doing the rest of whatever exercises you’ve scheduled for that day. How often? Three times a week is plenty. Abdominal routines are quick – no more than 10 minutes. And, remember to use your abdominal muscles throughout the day. Imagine your abdominals are being pulled in and lifted up. This is not a “tightening” – your thought should be “activate”. Your body will know what to do, once you’ve started adding consistent abdominal training to your exercise routine.

Risk factors for back pain may also be found in your personal and family medical history.2,3 During your initial visit your chiropractor will ask you about accidents and surgeries you’ve experienced, and discuss any important elements in your family history. An example would be surgery to remove an inflamed galllbladder or appendix or to repair a hernia may result in weakened abdominal muscles. A motor vehicle accident or a fall from a height may have caused injuries that healed with soft tissue scarring.

Learning about potential risk factors and taking appropriate action will help ensure a stronger, more flexible, and healthier lower back.

1.Jones MA, et al. Recurrent non-specific low-back pain in adolescents: the role of exercise. Ergonomics 50(10):1680-1688, 2007 2.Cherniack M, et al. Clinical and psychological correlates of lumbar motion abnormalities in low back disorders. Spine J 1)4):290-298, 2001 3.Plouvier S, et al. Biomechanical strains and low back disorders. Occup Environ Med 2007 (in press)

For more information on nutrition please contact Dr. FowlerDr. Jason Fowler at