5 Ways to Track Your Weight Loss

5 Ways to Track Your Weight Loss

Tracking your weight loss progress is one of the most components of a successful weight loss program, and for a number of reasons. Of course you’ll set goals when you’re trying to lose weight, but if you don’t track your progress, you’re doing yourself a big disservice.

5 Ways to Track Your Weight Loss

By tracking your weight loss, you will find it much easier to stay on-track with your weight loss plan. Plus, you’ll be able to see how close you are to reaching your goals, when you’ve reached your goals and even when you’ve exceeded your goals.

And, as you’re clearly able to see just how much weight you’ve lost, it’s easier to stay motivated to continue. Tracking your weight loss will help you stay on the right path to keep moving forward to keeping the pounds off. Here are a few of the best ways to track your weight loss.

1. Measuring Body Fat

The best way to track your weight loss is by keeping track of your body fat. Depending on your height and gender, there are certain requirements that are said to be healthy levels of body fat. By measuring your body fat levels, you’ll see how well your weight loss efforts are working with how much progress you’ve made.

2. Scale

Of course, one of the most common ways to track your weight loss is by weighing yourself. Although this is a great way to see how many pounds you’ve dropped, it’s not necessarily effective. Your weight fluctuates a few pounds just about every day, depending on how much water you’ve had to drink, meals and even your clothes. If you use the scale to track your weight loss, it will give you a good idea of how many pounds you’ve lost, but don’t take it too seriously if you find you’ve gained a couple of pounds tomorrow. Just try weighing yourself at the same time each day for consistency.

3. Weight Loss Journal

Many people choose to keep a weight loss journal, which often includes the foods they’ve eaten, their exercise routines, weight, body fat and much more. This is an effective way to track your weight loss as you’re able to see how far you’ve come and how close you are to your goals. Plus, you’re able to evaluate how well you did on certain days, offering you insight to what’s working well for you and what isn’t. You can also get many apps that will track it all for you on your smart phone.

4. Photo Journal

A fun way to track your weight loss progress is with a photo journal. With a photo journal, you’ll be able to see over time how you’ve progressed with your weight loss. Try taking a picture at the beginning of every month. In a few months, you’ll be able to look back to see the amazing changes you’ve made. You can make fun before/during/after collages and share them with all of your friends—bring on the compliments (also great for motivation).

5. Weight Loss Blog or Vlog

As blogs are so popular, more and more people choose to track their weight loss with a weight loss blog or vlog. Some of the weight loss blogs are made public while others choose to keep their blog private. The benefit of going public is the outpouring of support you might receive to keep going—and the potential risk is public failure, embarrassment and internet trolls making fun of you. But the truth is that could happen in any situation. No matter if only you can see the blog or the entire world, it’s a fun way to track your weight loss, share what you’ve been through and offers an outlet to express yourself during your weight loss journey.

Rachel Young is a professional blogger that shares tips and advice on health, training and nutrition. He writes for Fitness 19, a leading fitness facility with affordable month to month memberships.

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